To Be of Service

Josh (ORCHESTRA OF EXILES, SOUND AND FURY, TALENT HAS HUNGER) Aronson’s new film explores the stories of veterans returning home from the maw of war burdened with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who, paired with service dogs, discover a new measure of happiness and hope.

IN PERSON:  Josh Aronson  Fri Dec 13 At 8:10

Many vets return home only to experience a wrenching disconnect from the world they once knew. Family, friends and jobs seem foreign as they try to return to a normal civilian life. Often the meds and therapy provided by the Veterans Administration to counteract the effects of PTSD don’t help, making even the most mundane daily tasks seem insurmountable. This is the story of the lucky vets who experience the unconditional support offered by these highly trained canines and are able to re-engage with the world; to feel safe, to be independent, to trust and to love again.

Coming Dec 13

(US/ 2019 / Josh Aronson )
ur/ 88 mins