Paris Can Wait

June 26 - 29 Woodstock









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Eleanor Coppola’s road movie takes us on an intoxicating tour de France lined with heavenly vistas, art and architecture, and visions of regional cuisine to die for.

In her early fifties, Anne (Diane Lane) has arrived at a turning point. Her daughter has left home to attend college, and her nest now feels doubly empty because her workaholic husband (Alec Baldwin), a successful film producer, is chronically absent. When he is called away on location, Anne is offered transport from Cannes to Paris with her husband’s friend and business associate (Arnaud Viard), a seductive bon vivant who unabashedly sets sights on his comely passenger. The trip could be done in a matter of hours, but it stretches into a leisurely two-day journey brimming with diversions such as beautiful churches, fine food, delectable wine — and expert wooing. Diane Lane shines in this sexy and effervescent travelogue that’s filled with the goodness of summer.

(USA / 2016 / Directed by Eleanor Coppola)
PG / 1 hr 32 mins.