In The Fade

Feb 26 - Mar 1 Rhinebeck









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This year’s Golden Globe winner for best foreign language film is a kinetic tour-de-force, a story of love and revenge that features the Cannes Film Festival’s best actress award winner Diane Kruger who is out for blood.

As the film opens, Katya, played by the German actress and former model, in her first German language film, marries her Turkish beau Nuri (Numan Acar) while he’s completing his prison sentence. But soon she’s a wife and mother seeking answers to a heinous crime. Having seen this cold at Toronto without knowing too much about the plot I know this is the proper way to experience this multi-layered thriller. It’s quite a ride! It is based on real-life events but fictionalized (the actual case that served as a starting point is still not resolved). Fatih Akin who made HEAD ON has crafted a compelling drama about justice and racism.

(Germany/ 2017 / Directed by Fatih Akin)
R / 106 mins.