I, Tonya

Feb 12 - 15 Woodstock









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3 Academy Award Nominations: Best Actress, Supporting Actress, Editing
Golden Globe Winner for Best Supporting Actress (Janney)

I, TONYA is a darkly comedic tale of the American figure skater, Tonya Harding, who in 1994 rocked the classist Olympic figure skating world in what became one of the most sensational scandals in sports history.

Margot Robbie more than stars as the controversial Olympic figure skater in this alternately tragic, harrowing, and absurd look at one of the biggest scandals in US sports history. Harding, born and raised in Portland, Oregon was pushed by her deeply wounded mother (Allison Janney) to compete. She began ice skating at age three and dropped out of high school in 10th grade to pursue her skating career (she later got a GED). In 1991, she won her first U.S. Championship, becoming the first woman to land a triple axel in competition. Also in 1991, she won a silver medal in the World Figure Skating Championships, and in 1992, she placed third in the U.S. Championships, earning herself a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. But between her horrid mother and her bad choice of a husband, she was implicated in a brutal attack on her rival, US medal hopeful Nancy Kerrigan. The more shocking news was that the attack was allegedly conceived and executed by those close to — and perhaps including — Tonya herself. This is her story.

(US / 2017 / Directed by Craig Gillespie)
R / 119 mins.