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Coming to Rhinebeck June 28 – July 4

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The latest film in a growing collection of Bay Area gentrification narratives that includes Barry Jenkins’ Medicine for Melancholy and last year’s Blindspotting, Joe Talbot’s funny, heartfelt, and achingly bittersweet feature tells its story from the perspective of someone who lived it, and who can’t bear to leave their hometown behind.
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Late Night

June 24 - 27 Woodstock










Emma Thompson plays Katherine Newbury, the prickly host of a long-running network talk show, who sees the writing on the wall – she’s going to be replaced – and goes into crisis mode bringing in her first and only female staff writer (Mindy Kaling).
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From Farms to Incubators

Saturday June 29th at 1pm in Rhinebeck, join us for a work-in-progress screening and discussion about women at the forefront of science and farming. The discussion will be moderated by Danielle Nierenberg, President and Founder of Food Tank, an organization highlighting stories of hope and success in the food system. Panelists also include investigative journalist and filmmaker Amy Wu; Le Vuong, Founder and CEO of Fishrock Laboratories; Tinia Pina, sustainability professional and Founder & CEO of Re-Nuble, and Lindsey Shute from Hearty Roots Farm. This is a FREE screening. Donations taken at the door will benefit the completion of the Farms to Incubators initiative, which includes the documentary and an upcoming book.
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Do The Right Thing

Spike Lee had already been recognized as a filmmaker to watch with his student Academy award winner Joe’s Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads, and then with his hit indie feature SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT. But it is DO THE RIGHT THING that solidified his reputation as a major creative talent. Now, on the 30th anniversary of its release(!), it is, unfortunately, timely as ever with its exploration of racial tensions that explode.
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