Southside With You

Oct 3 - 6 Woodstock









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Inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date, SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU chronicles the summer day in 1989 when the future President of the United States wooed his First Lady on an epic first date across Chicago’s South Side.

A subtle take on the President and First Lady as young lawyers, SOUTHSIDE follows their movements as they wind their way from the Art Institute of Chicago to a screening of Spike Lee’s DO THE RIGHT THING, to the site of their first kiss outside of an ice cream parlor. Actors Parker Sawyers and Tika Sumpter are engaging in their roles, playing the Obamas as people rather than caricatures or impressions. As they move through their city and get to know each other, they deliver a powerful and romantic idea — that by challenging and listening to each other, two people can awaken and empower their better selves.

(USA / 2016 / Directed by Richard Tanne)
PG-13 / 84 mins.