Screenagers: Growing Up in a Digital World

Nov 20 Woodstock




The Woodstock Day School Parents’ Association presents this free screening, followed by a student-led panel discussion. Upstate Films Woodstock Sunday, November 20th at 1:30pm.
Director Ruston, a mom herself, presents both social and medical science to delve deep into the pervasive problems of screen addiction while also incorporating humor and optimism, and offering solutions and suggestions for families trying to find balance.

“It’s increasingly difficult to establish boundaries for both parents and kids,” says WDS Parents’ Association member Kate Miller. “Without vilifying our new reality, Screenagers opens a dialogue between kids and parents for a healthy approach to integrating social media, recreational video gaming, and tech-assisted communications.” Following the 68-minute film, four students from Woodstock Day School’s Media Arts Lab will conduct a 45-minute panel discussion.

This event is made possible through support from the Maya Gold Foundation, Hudson Valley Foundation for Youth Health, the Woodstock Land Conservancy, and Maverick Family Counseling. 

(USA / 2016 / Directed by Delaney Ruston)
Unrated / 78 mins.