Nocturnal Animals

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*Oscar nominee – Best Supporting Actor (Michael Shannon)
Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2016 Venice International Film Festival, Tom (A Single Man) Ford’s second feature is like two films in one. A stylish exercise in aesthetics that turns its gaze on the complex inner life of a middle-aged woman on the one hand, the film is simultaneously an ambitious thriller with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal in an explosive tale of love, violence, and revenge.

Susan (Amy Adams) is a successful Los Angeles art gallery manager who wants for very little. Yet she’s lost passion in her work and is troubled by the frequent absences of her husband, Hutton (Armie Hammer), who travels incessantly. When a manuscript written by her ex-husband, Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal), arrives on her desk, its fictional life does much more than fill the void. As she reads the book alone, with Hutton away in New York, we see it play out alongside scenes of Susan and Edward’s life together, back when they were young and he was an aspiring writer. The novel tells the story of Tony (also played by Gyllenhaal), a man on a road trip in Texas with his wife (Isla Fisher) and teen daughter (Ellie Bamber). They’re attacked at night by three men, provoking Tony to have to face up to what this tragic event says about his own masculinity and power. As she reads, Susan is compelled to grapple with what Edward’s prose implies about her own life… Was she right to leave him? Is he asking for her input or getting revenge by asking her to read his book? Oscillating effortlessly between the main narrative and the story within a story, Ford slowly and meticulously turns the screws, delving into suspenseful fiction while keeping a firm hand on Susan’s real-life drama. Peppered by a stream of unforgettable side players (including a welcome Michael Shannon as a coughing cop), the film is supported by a superb cast, resulting in a dark, stylish, comical, and nail-biting ride from beginning to end.

(USA / 2016 / Written and Directed by Tom Ford)
R / 120 mins.