La La Land

Feb 6 - 9 Woodstock









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*NOMINATED FOR FOURTEEN ACADEMY AWARDS, tying Titanic and All About Eve for the most nominations of any movie ever!
Damien Chazelle’s (Whiplash) smash-hit ushers the old-fashioned Hollywood musical extravaganza into the 21st century. With jewel-colored CinemaScope sparkle and an engrossing original score, it tells the story of Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone), two star-crossed young dreamers determined to make it big.

Living in L.A., the legendary wonderland where dreams are born and buried every day, Mia is striving to become a serious actress. But for the moment, the closest she comes to seeing stars is serving lattes in a canteen on the Warner Brothers lot. Sebastian is a jazz pianist who earns his way playing crowd-pleasing tunes to restaurant diners, but who dreams of owning his own jazz club. When the two cross paths in a titanic freeway traffic jam, it’s definitely not love at first sight. He irritably honks his horn, and she replies by flipping him the bird. After meeting no less than three times, Sebastian and Mia gradually dive into a life-altering romance. As Gosling and Stone sing and dance their way through the tumult of life and love, they sprinkle stardust on a movie that will put a twinkle in every eye. Both a valentine to a more glorious studio era and a touchingly wised-up modern critique of bygone glory days, La La Land is a joy to watch, a rhapsody of love and lightness in every performance.

(USA / 2016 / Written and Directed by Damien Chazelle)
PG-13 / 128 mins.