Immigrant Journey: Four Short Films with actor Hesh Sarmalkar

May 21 Rhinebeck




Sunday, May 21st in Rhinebeck at 2:00.
Join us for four short films about the Indian American immigrant experience, linked through the performances of the award-winning actor Hesh Sarmalkar. This screening will be followed by a q&a with the actor and a reception catered by Cinnamon Indian Cuisine.
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Flight of Hope
(USA / 2016 / Directed by Vinay Pujara)
In this silent film, Malick (Hesh Sarmalkar) collects empty bottles & cans from the road to support his daughter Amy (Amy Mendoza). Debilitated by a hunched back, he tries his hardest to give her a good education & good life.
Unrated / 12 mins.

(USA / 2004 / Directed by Prashant Bhargava)
Inspired by a site of pilgrimage in Allahabad, India where three rivers meet, Sangam is a film about the struggle to maintain faith in the American Dream. This award-winning story is told through two men, Raj (Hesh Sarmalkar) and Vivek (Sanjay Chandani), who cross paths on a New York subway train. As each longs for what the other takes for granted, they confront the currents that bind and divide them.
In English and Hindi with subtitles.
Unrated / 28 mins.

(India / 2016 / Directed by Harshad Nalawade)
As a husband and father, Samarth (Hesh Sarmalkar) makes an impactful choice. He takes a job that forces him to work out of town, only visiting his family on the weekends. Exploring how every decision in life can lead to a different trajectory, Bubbles tells the story of how Samarth’s choice impacts his family, and how things in an alternate reality might be different.
In Marathi with subtitles.
Unrated / 17 mins.

India Calling
(USA / 2015 / Directed by Vinay Pujara)
Abhishek (Hesh Sarmalkar) is living a good life in New York with his wife Shruti (Sneha Ramachander). One night he gets a call from his mother back home, after she has a bad dream. Feeling guilty for leaving her in India on her own, Abhishek and Shruti face a decision: move back home to be with her, or stay in America where they have built a life together.
Unrated / 20 mins.

About Hesh Sarmalkar:
A New York-based Indian American actor, Hesh’s pursuit of acting is influenced by his family’s contributions to the Indian film industry. His grand Uncle V. Shantaram was a Bollywood pioneer who directed, produced, and acted in no less than 105 films. And Hesh’s other family members include stars such as Jayshree, Sandhya, Nanda, and Rajashree. His path to acting was not a given, though. He came to the United States to attend New York Medical College where he completed a Master’s degree in Biochem. He worked as a research fellow at the NYU Medical School before deciding to follow his artistic dreams, studying at the John Strasberg School of Acting and with Lynette Sheldon Actors Studio. Hesh currently resides in New York and remains involved in the acting world while holding the position of Events Director at the Asia Society and Museum. An avid traveler, dreamer, optimist, and humanitarian, he is a cosmopolitan free spirit.

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