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Man from Reno

Coming May 8
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(US/2014/dir by Dave Boyle/wr by Boyle, Joel Clark, Michael Lerman )
unrated/110 mins
 In Person: co-writer Joel Clark times TBA
Nominated for the John Cassavetes Prize given by the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards to the best feature made for under $500,000 this is Dave Boyle’s fifth feature and it was co-written by a couple of former Upstate Films’ staffers, Joel Clark and Michael Lerman. 
This is a neo-noir mystery film set in California’s Bay Area that stars Pepe Serna (the veteran character actor – Scarface, The Black Dahlia, The Jerk) as a small-town sheriff of a town south of San Francisco and Ayako Fujitani as a Japanese crime novelist named Aki who bails out of her book tour and comes to San Francisco looking for refuge and peace. Soon, however, Aki finds herself mixed up in a real-life murder mystery involving ambiguous MacGuffins, amorphous identities, and exhilarating new takes on genre conventions. Ultimately it’s an alluring l’homme fatal who supplies Aki with the breadcrumb trail of clues that lures her into a labyrinthine plot of sinister dealings. In turn, the aging sheriff who should rightfully be riding to her rescue, proves to be equally out of his depth. The game is afoot, the chase is exhilarating and the stakes are high in this inspired neo-noir. (Courtesy of Los Angeles Film Festival).
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