Essential cinema back on the big screen. Beginning Sunday August 10 we’ll be showing Masterpieces of Polish Cinema through the good graces of Martin Scorsese and the Poles. The series will begin with ASHES and DIAMONDS.

Rome Open City

Starts Friday
in Rhinebeck 
April 3 – 9
Fri-Sat 3:15 5:45
Sun-Tues 5:45
Wed 3:15
Thur 5:45 
(Italy/1946/dir by Roberto Rossellini)
unrated / 103mins
“Documentary style” narrative filmmaking is unthinkable without Roberto Rossellini’s revelation “Rome Open City” a harrowing drama about the Nazi occupation of Rome and the members of the underground and the others who fought against it.
Conceived amid Rome in ruins at the end of WWII, written in Federico Fellini’s kitchen, the film’s style of filmmaking blends location shooting with non-actors as well as actors – Anna Magnani and Aldo Fabrizi – in leading roles. Unforgettable.

 It’s a street opera, caught on camera during wartime, a story performed by a mixed cast of amazing professionals and earnest non-professionals. When Magnani runs down the street, chasing after her fiance who has been captured by the enemy, the guns come out and cinema history is made before your eyes.”
– Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune 

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