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A sumptuous puzzle of a movie, Neruda takes a turbulent period in the life of the Chilean poet and turns it into a wild fable about a famous man on the run and the imaginary cop who’s pursuing him.
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Compassion & Choices Presents: How to Die in Oregon

Saturday April 8th at 1:30pm in Woodstock
In Person: Corinne Carey, NYS Campaign Director
In 1994, Oregon became the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide. As a result, any individual whom two physicians diagnose as having less than six months to live can lawfully request a fatal dose of barbiturate to end his or her life.
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London National Theatre: Saint Joan

“From the torment of the Hundred Years’ War, the charismatic Joan of Arc carved a victory that defined France. Bernard Shaw’s classic play depicts a woman with all the instinct, zeal and transforming power of a revolutionary…
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The Zookeeper’s Wife

Niki (WHALE RIDER) Caro’s latest film, based on Diane Ackerman’s best-selling non-fiction book, is the real-life story of a wife and mother who became a hero to hundreds during World War II.
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ENGAGE Film Series Presents: Tomorrow

Join us Sunday April 23rd at 10am for a free benefit screening (suggested donation $10), followed by a panel discussion. This screening is presented by the ENGAGE Film Series (read more on the series below), proceed recipient TBD.

After having her first child, French actress and director Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds, Beginners), became increasingly aware of reports stating that humans’ environmental impact on the planet had reached a critical stage, threatening life as we know it. Conscious of the kind of world her son would grow up in, Laurent teamed up with Cyril Dion to make Tomorrow, a documentary about our environmental and social challenges.
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Personal Shopper

Director Olivier Assayas (The Clouds of Sils Maria, Summer Hours, Irma Vep) and actress Kristen Stewart reunite in this intriguing ghost story set in the fashion underworld of Paris.
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