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Todd Haynes’ remarkable filmmaking career has ranged from the experimental – KAREN CARPENTER: SUPERSTAR – to risky and risque homages – I’M NOT THERE… VELVET GOLDMINE – to re-imagining 1950s melodrama – his 2002 FAR FROM HEAVEN. Now he revisits the socially constricted 1950s in his latest beautifully realized film, an adaptation of  a novel written under a pseudonym by Patricia Highsmith (best known for Strangers on a Train, The Talented Mr. Ripley) that stars the resplendent Cate Blanchett as the titular Carol, a wealthy suburban wife and mother, and Rooney Mara as an aspiring photographer.
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Based on the Booker-shortlisted best-seller by Emma Donaghue, ROOM is a tale of survival and endurance that is by turns harrowing, suspenseful, and wondrous. Recounting the story of a mother and child escaping from the captivity in which they have been held for several years, this visionary drama explores the trauma of being stolen from the world — and the marvel of discovering it for the first time.
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