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Le Weekend

Le Weekend Directed by Roger Michell Starring Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent
Starts Friday
in Rhinebeck 
April 25 – May 1  
Fri 7:00 9:15
Sat 7:00 9:15
Sun 3:45 6:20 8:30
Mon 6:00 8:15
Tues 6:00 8:15
Wed 3:15 8:15
Thur 6:00 8:15 
(UK/2014/dir by Roger Michell)
R / 93 mins
Nick and Meg, a long-married British couple, decide to celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary with a weekend getaway to Paris where they once honeymooned.
As Nick and Meg (Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, vets of Mike Leigh films) negotiate how to enjoy the city of Light, they bicker, argue, and soon they’re fighting about their respective faults and revisiting the highs and lows of their marriage and relationship.They seem ready to move on when they run into an old friend of Nick’s (Jeff Goldblum) who acts as a catalyst for them to recapture their youthful fearlessness. This film is the fourth collaboration between British filmmaker Roger Michell and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Hanif Kureishi (Venus, The Mother, and The Buddha of Suburbia) and features some truly remarkable acting.
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Only Lovers Left Alive

"only lovers left alive"
Starts Friday
in Rhinebeck 
April 25 – May 1  
Fri 4:10 6:50 9:20
Sat 4:10 6:50 9:20
Sun 3:30 6:10 8:40
Mon 5:50 8:20
Tues 5:50 8:20
Wed 3:10 5:50 8:20
Thur 5:50 8:20
(US/2014/dir by Jim Jarmusch)
The ever-wonderful Tilda Swinton’s Eve is a gorgeous blonde and Tom Hiddleston is the reclusive Adam in Jim Jarmusch’s tale of two fragile centuries-old vampires.
They share an all-embracing passion for music, literature and science, and they’ve seen it all. Eve leaves her pad in Tangier to join Adam in Detroit hoping to just get on with their eternal lives but find that it’s getting increasingly difficult to secure uncontaminated blood. A wonderful cast includes John Hurt, Jeffrey Wright, Mia Wasikowska.Jim Jarmusch’s Director’s Statement: ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE is an unconventional love story between a man and a woman, Adam and Eve. (My script was partially inspired by the last book published by Mark Twain, The Diaries of Adam and Eve, though no direct reference to the book is made other than the character’s names.) These two lovers are archetypal outsiders, classic bohemians, extremely intelligent and sophisticated—yet still in full possession of their animal instincts. They have traveled the world and experienced many remarkable things, always inhabiting the shadowed margins of society. And, like their own love story, their particular perspective on human history spans centuries—because they happen to be vampires. But this is not your usual vampire story. Set in the very distinct cities of Detroit and Tangier, and taking place almost entirely at night, Adam and Eve must have human blood to survive. But they now live in the world of the 21st century where biting the neck of a stranger would be reckless and regressive—for survival, they must be certain the blood that sustains them is pure and free of disease or contamination. And, almost like shadows, they have learned long ago to deftly avoid the attention of any authorities.For our film, the vampire is a resonant metaphor—a way to frame the deeper intentions of the story. This is a love story, but also the story of two exceptional outsiders who, given their unusual circumstances, have a vast overview of human and natural history, including stunning achievements and tragic and brutal failures. Adam and Eve are themselves metaphors for the present state of human life—they are fragile and endangered, susceptible to natural forces, and to the shortsighted behavior of those in power.
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Staff Pick! The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Movie

Presented by George Conant…
Sunday May 4 in Woodstock!  
Date TBA  
(USA / 2000 / Directed by Des McAnuff)
PG / 92 mins. 
Those ruthless spies, Boris (Jason Alexander) and Natasha (Rene Russo), have wrangled their way into the real world while their Fearless Leader (Robert De Niro) is plotting to take over America. Only Rocky and Bullwinkle can save us, but first it’s up to squirrel and moose to foil Fearless Leader’s scheme to destroy the world! This fun-filled, pun-filled comic adventure picks up where the much-beloved series left off, spoofing television, politics, higher education, the Internet and especially themselves.- Universal Studios Entertainment.
Why George picks Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Movie: “I grew up with several cartoon shows that truly influenced my thinking. Perhaps the most interesting to me was the Rocky and Bullwinkle series because  the language was clever and full of puns ( I love puns). When I first saw Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Movie, I loved it! For a number of reasons… Primarily, this film tells a deep truth about our modern society and the political challenges we all face, about mass media manipulation and unacceptable agendas and policies. There are other films I want to screen with the same theme of truth told in movie fiction; this is the first. So without further ado come out and critically analyze Rocky and Bullwinkle telling it like it is!” – George E. Conant.
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Finding Vivian Maier

vivian  M
Coming Soon  
(US/2013/dir by John Maloof & Charlie Siskel)
unrated/ 83 mins.
When Vivian Maier died in total obscurity in 2009 she left behind more than 100,000 images of her street photography that, once discovered, made her a heralded artist.
Since buying boxes of her contact sheets and negatives by chance at an auction, John Maloof has helped to put this prolific self-taught photographer in the history books. Always wearing her unimposing Rolleiflex camera around her neck, Maier, a nanny, had an uncanny ability to get close people from all walks of life. Her strange and riveting life and art are revealed through never-before-seen photographs, films, and interviews with dozens who thought they knew her. The NY Times recognized her as “one of America’s more insightful street photographers” and her artful and comic eye puts her in league with Berenice Abbott and Weegee.
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The Freshman

Coming Soon  
(USA / 1925 / Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor)
Unrated / 76 mins.
One of Harold Lloyd’s most entertaining features, The Freshman tells the story of Harold Lamb, a naïve young man who heads to college in the belief that campus life will be just as it is in the movies.
When the boy arrives at school, he quickly discovers that making friends involves more than aping the antics he’s seen on the big screen. Mercilessly ridden by smug upperclassmen and used as a tackling dummy by the football squad, he struggles to woo Peggy (Jobyna Ralston), a lovely co-ed. Determined to win, he rides the pine until he gets a chance to prove himself to his team and his girl at the big game. Released in 1925, this silent comedy tapped into the mingled envy and resentment that many Americans felt for the privileged few who could afford a higher education. With a wonderful new score from Carl Davis, few things are as priceless as Lloyd’s bespectacled, apple-pie-faced performance in this delightful film.
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Nymphomaniac: Volumes I & II

Coming Soon  
(Denmark / 2013 / Directed by Lars von Trier)
Part 1: Unrated / 122 mins.
Part 2: Unrated / 123 mins.
From Lars von Trier (Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, Melancholia) comes this poetic drama about a woman’s erotic journey from birth to the age of 50 as told by the main character, the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg).
After a hypnotic opening sequence, an older gentleman (Stellan Skarsgård) finds Joe beaten up in an alleyway. Bringing her home to his flat, he tends her wounds and listens intently as she recounts the story of her life, all the while connecting her stories with books he has read. Neither deeply serious nor totally insincere, Nymphomaniac creates its mesmerizing power by floating above specifics of time and place, undercutting its main focus with haunting digressions, highly charged set pieces, and bold flights of fancy. So much more than a ribald tale of sex, von Trier’s erotic epic provokes all manner of philosophical interpretations.
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Fading Gigolo

Coming Soon  
(USA / 2014 / Directed by John Turturro)
R / 98 mins. 
John Turturro co-stars and directs Woody Allen in an unusual tale of a reluctant pimp and his gigolo.
An underemployed florist, Fioravante (John Turturro) and his friend, bookshop proprietor Murray (Woody Allen) both face ruin. So they decide to try making ends meet through the oldest profession. Murray becomes Fiorvante’s pimp and finds him two clients played by Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara. But the surprising heart of the movie is the relationship that develops between the courtly Fioravante and Avigal (Vanessa Paradis), a lonely Orthodox Jewish widow from Williamsburg. With Liev Schreiber as an Orthodox cop and a climax that involves Woody on trial before a Hasidic court that has tinges of Peter Lorre’s trial in M.
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The Last of the Unjust

In Rhinebeck 
Sunday May 4
(France, Austria / 2014 / Directed by Claude Lanzmann)
In Person: Roger Berkowitz, Associate Professor of Political Studies and Human Rights; Academic Director, Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and the Humanities at Bard College.
Claude (Shoah) Lanzmann continues to investigate the Holocaust here focusing on the controversial Rabbi Benjamin Murmelstein, the last President of the Jewish Council in the Theresienstadt ghetto in Czechoslovakia.
After he revisited his 1975 interviews filmed in Rome with Murmelstein, the leader of the town “given to the Jews by Hitler,” a ghetto of deceit chosen by Adolf Eichmann to dupe the world, Lanzmann decided he must make this film to provide some insight into the genesis of the Final Solution, to counter the notion of the banality of evil, and to revisit the savage contradictions of the Jewish Councils focusing on the only “Elder of the Jews” not to have been killed during the war, and who helped about 121,000 Jews leave the country. In English, German, and French with subtitles.
PG-13 / 220 mins.
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The Railway Man

Coming Soon  
(Australia, UK / 2014 / Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky)
Unrated / 116 mins.
A quiet railway and radio enthusiast meets his future wife on a Scottish train in 1983.
After a whirlwind courtship Eric Lomax (Colin Firth) and Patti (Nicole Kidman) marry, only to see their union undermined by his paralyzing nightmares. When she finally learns about his being tortured by the Japanese while he was a POW building the Thailand/Burma railway, Patti knows he must learn to forgive those who had done him harm. Based on a best-selling memoir that proves Gandhi’s aphorism, “Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
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Bombay Movie

In Rhinebeck 
Saturday May 10
2:30 pm
(India, USA / 2014 / Directed by Alexandra Eaton)
In Person: Director Alexandra Eaton. The film will be followed by a filmmaker Q&A and a reception at Cinnamon Indian Cuisine. Tickets $15 Adults / $14 Seniors and Students / $13 Members.
In Bombay, a city of brutal working conditions and success stories so unreal they could be fairy tales, Raja Menon sets out to make a movie about the men and women who quietly serve the city’s wealthy.
A far cry from India’s typical song and dance films, Barah Aana has one problem: Bollywood would never make this film. To tell his story about the working poor, Menon enlists two foreign producers, a star cast, and a hardworking and seasoned film crew. Battling crowds and corruption, the team looks like a circus in the slums where they are shooting and like outlaws in the rarefied suburbs. Determined to succeed, they overcome every obstacle and finance their film’s release. But when opening weekend arrives, they face a new problem. How will they convince people who see extreme hardship every day to pay the high price to see it fictionalized on screen? Directed by Bard graduate Alexandra Eaton, Bombay Movie is an intelligently composed film-within-a-film. Capturing the heart and the tenacity it takes to make an independent feature, Eaton’s documentary gives us a glimpse at the effects of the world’s massive entertainment industries, and a taste of the perseverance it takes to stand apart.
Unrated / 58 mins.
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