October 4 – 7
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(US / 2010 / dir by Josh Fox)
Making his point with low-key, sardonic wit, Josh Fox blows the lid off the natural gas industry and how it is poisoning our drinking water.
As American energy firms look for new sources of petroleum, natural gas has become an increasingly important part of their portfolios, especially after the 2005 Energy Policy Act removed environmental protection restrictions against hydraulic fracturing drilling (known as “fracking”). When Fox discovers that fracking is coming to his home region in rural Pennsylvania, he sets off on a 24 state journey to uncover the deep consequences of the United States’ natural gas boom. What he uncovers is truly shocking—water that can be lit on fire right out of the sink, chronically ill residents of drilling areas from disparate locations in the US all with the same mysterious symptoms, huge pools of toxic waste that kill cattle and vegetation, well blowouts and huge gas explosions consistently covered up by state and federal regulatory agencies. A terrifying vision of how the American government failed voters, Fox’s GASLAND drives home its point with a mix of humor and outrage.
Unrated / 107 mins.
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